Career Development Competency Program Overview

What’s the CDCP all about?

The Career Development Competency Program is designed for Career and Employment Consultants, and parts of it are also suitable for external service providers and others who interact with clients regarding work, planning and the labour market.

It is fully linked to Canadian career development competencies, using Canada’s Standards & Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners (S&Gs) as the base. The S&Gs identified five main priority areas:Intro

  1. Assessment
  2. Facilitated Individual and Group Learning
  3. Career Counselling
  4. Information and Resource Management
  5. Work Development
  6. Community Capacity Building

Prior to training, pre-course readings and assignments provide background to motivate staff and prepare them to maximize their learning in the sessions. 

After face-to-face training, learning resources distributed in the sessions provide staff with refresher content they can use in their day-to-day work with clients to support enhanced service and learning transfer.

Although each course stands alone and is distinct, all are grounded in the Department’s service delivery model and career/employment development and counselling principles. These key threads connect the learning between courses and build an integrated program.

Course Descriptions

The courses in the CDCP are listed below in the order in which it is recommended they are taken. Click on a title to get a full description.

    • Foundations of Assessment: a 4-day course on the fundamentals of interviewing and assessing client needs
    • Assessment: Investing in Strength: a 4-day course addressing career counselling strategies
    • Labour Market Information 101 (LMI 101): a 2-day course on the basics of using labour market information within an employment practice
    • Labour Market Information 102: a blended learning version of LMI 101, combining readings, websites, discussion boards, tele-coaching and more
    • Work Search Strategies: a 3-day course on all the elements of work search
    • Using Tests and Tools: a 2-day course on popular tests and tools that do not require formal accreditation
    • Facilitating Individual and Group Learning: a 2-day course on learning strategies, career counselling and behaviour change
    • Assessment Refresher: a 2-day refresher and enhancement of the “Foundations” and “Assessment” courses
    • Employer Capacity Building: a 3-day course on working with employers to help them inform, attract, develop and retain workers (predominantly for those in the Business-Industry Liaison role).