LRDG Talent

Ann Perodeau

Ann is an Associate of the Life-Role Development Group Limited and an independent consultant serving multiple sectors and teaching in two Canadian universities. After ten years’ experience in HR and training and development in a large Canadian organization, Ann moved to Calgary and wrote and delivered a suite of supervisor/management training courses for AVC. A recession helped to nudge her into a MA in Community and Adult Education while forming her own incorporated consulting practice for the purpose of working independently and in collaboration with others. In that same time period, she began instructing at the University of Calgary in Continuing Education, first with the management programs, teaching Communication Skills and Business Ethics and then with the Certificate in Adult Learning (CAL), teaching one of the core courses. In 2001, Ann successfully won a place on a residency faculty team for the MA in Leadership (then called MALT), and taught in a number of residencies in that program. She now teaches in the MBA program, both in residency and online. Ann has designed and delivered courses for both universities and for the public and private sectors with a broad range of clients. She has a great deal of depth in leadership and supervisory training and has been a seminar facilitator for a City of Calgary professional development conference. Ann is a co-deliverer of the Career Development Competency Program’s Employer Capacity Building course.