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This is a sampling of videos and papers we've created on career development issues. Click on the title or image for the full article.

Frameworks for Conversation

Help With Difficult Conversations

The Problem With Judgement

Gumption, Discipline and Withitness

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With gumption comes a host of events – self-initiation, risk-taking, moving out of one’s comfort zone, learning and “stretching.”  Each of these on their own can simply be one-off sparks that quickly peter out, but add discipline and they become flames of consistent action to improve, grow and innovate.  Without withitness, though, all the good things that might be done with gumption and discipline might be lost and ignored because they were not done with the right context in mind.  Add withitness, and this sustained action is then happening in ways that are collaborative, in tune with one’s surroundings, relevant and accepted.  It strikes me that people who have this three-legged base are at a distinct career development advantage over those who do not.  Add “honour” to the mix, and we’d have both unstoppable and sustainable career development on the go.
Passion-Based Succession Planning Succession planning in most police organizations is competence-based, experienced based or random. Your organization may be different, but the typical answers are “randomly assigned” or “selected because they are competent police officers” and/or “selected because they display leadership potential.” Rarely, however, are individuals selected for leadership roles because of a passion to lead.

Moving Toward an Anti-Dilbert Workplace

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A keynote address at Building Tomorrow Today, 2001, this talk examines the integration of career development into organizational settings to enhance motivation, retention, productivity and leadership.

Employee Retention: Clichés to Work By

A paper intended to help supervisors, managers and employers improve employee retention in a sustainable way.

Managing "Up" and "Around"

A summary of a talk given at Building Tomorrow Today, 2000, on helping employees manage their manager and working environments

Millennium Momentum

A talk given in the Northwest Territories on labour market trends shaping the first decade of the 21st century.

Inside-Out Community Development

An address on community development strategies that start with the individual, given in Yellowknife in 1999

Passion-Based Hiring

Originally published in CareerInFocus, this article addresses recruitment, selection and retention from a career development perspective.

The Changing Face of Career Development

An invited address to the MLA Invitational Forum on Business Involvement in Education, this talk reviews 10 paradoxes (the first four by HB Gelatt) shaping career development.

Effective Proposal Development

This is a “how-to” guide to proposal writing written a few years ago, still in draft form, but really useful!

Career Development Strategies for a De-Jobbed World A brief paper examining work alternatives (e.g., multi-tracking, talent pooling) and strategies for manoeuvring through them. Delivered at Building Tomorrow Today, 1996.
Career Development Culture A paper for the Canadian Association of Rehabilitation Practitioners addressing a holistic approach to career development.
Creating Self-Portraits A synopsis of the Creating Self-Portraits rationale and method, originally published in ERIC’s Exemplary Career Development Practices in Canada.
The High Five A summary of the “High Five” of career development: Change is constant, follow your heart, focus on the journey, keep learning, and be an ally. Originally published in ERIC’s Exemplary Career Development Practices in Canada.
Career Counselling Street Youth A summary of a career development program for street youth, originally published in ERIC’s Exemplary Career Development Practices in Canada.
Preparing Clients for Work in Small and Medium Enterprises A summary of the differences between SMEs and large firms, and the different career development requirements of each.
Supervisors and Managers: The New Career Development Practitioners? A synopsis of the role of the supervisors and managers in career development. Talk given at Building Tomorrow Today, 1999.