Month: March 2020

Free Career Development & Mental Health Webinar Coming, and More

Our book (Strengthening Mental Health through Effective Career Development) launched in January at the Cannexus conference ( in Ottawa. In all, about a thousand delegates took home copies of the book and some have already read and provided evaluations through the links we set up on our website (please go to to complete the evaluation if […]

Book Launch!

Next week we’re off to Ottawa attending Cannexus (, Canada’s national career development conference. We try to attend every year because it is always a rewarding use of time—a chance to learn about our field’s work, connect with friends and colleagues, and meet and learn from career development practitioners working on the front lines in […]

Why Connect Career Development and Mental Health?

Why make the case for career development as a mental health intervention? As we’ve pursued the Career Development and Mental Health project, we’ve become increasingly aware of the values underlying the initiative and, through working with interested others, with a rationale for carrying on. Obviously (this is true for us, but because you’re reading this, […]

Career Development Impacts Mental Health: “Uh-Duh” or Evidence is Needed?

People have received help with their career development from time immemorial. Masters led their apprentices, students worked with teachers, daughters and sons worked alongside mothers and fathers, and the young have been guided by Elders all in the service of helping individuals hone their craft(s) and progress along a vocational pathway. This help, however, had […]

Book Announcement

We’re Writing a Book on Career Development & Mental Health! At long last, we have a partnership agreement with CERIC to write a book about the impact of career development on mental health! The book’s primary audience will be front-line career development practitioners in employment centres, schools, post-secondaries, and career counselling offices. It will be […]

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